10 Fears, Blocks and Doubts about Becoming a Hand Reader – a Chirologist’s Guide.

Today I’m sharing about some of the struggles, resistances and doubts that I and my students have grappled with.

1.  Accreditation. 

There is no global body that sets a standard of integrity for professional chirologists. We are counseling, we are coaching. What right do we have to meddle in other people’s psyches? Assuming our own authority is scary! 

2.  The plaguing and dreaded Imposter Syndrome. 

Aargh this is a big one. Am I good enough, do I know enough, am I perfect enough? I’ve got the theoretical know-how, in fact I’m stuck in all theory, no practice. Self-doubt sabotages. I still feel fake, a charlatan. 


2. I don’t have the bandwidth. 

We face people’s expectations. We do our best to show up for the multitude of challenges that people present with. At times, being a hand reader is draining and exhausting.


3. Fear of stigma. 

Will you be judged by others? When out socially some people are threatened. Other’s take umbrage because of their religious convictions. We bump into some very negative viewpoints and judgements from family, friends and others. 


4. Dealing with the intimacy of touch. 

Clients become sexually aroused; how to handle this, or any brand of sexual innuendo, or even mutual attraction? 


5. Physical security. 

Your professional practice means random visitors from all walks of life are entering your space. Is this safe?


6. Fear of taking the financial leap. 

Is there even a market?  How do I brand myself? How do I show up sufficiently to tap into a potentially abundant income? 


7. The work! 

Think: printing the hands, keeping your files of hand prints systematic and professional, building your data base, branding yourself, your website, showing up on social media…. and how do I offer online readings? Yikes, this work is not just about offering in person readings. The responsibilities of admin and tech can be daunting.


8. You doubt your intuition. 

Intuition comprises a vital one third of our craft. (The others are b) a system of how to interpret hands and c) becoming proficient with counseling and coaching.) But rest assured. The more hand you read, the more psychic you become.


These challenges are real, but don’t let them stop you from embracing a deeply fulfilling and rewarding career. I’ll help you to navigate them.

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