Archetypes – the Air Shaped Hand

When measuring the air shaped hand, we find that the palm is square, and that the fingers are long i.e. approximately 1 – 1.5 cm’s as long as the length of the palm. 

In nature, air exhibits principles of expansion, dispersiveness, formlessness, freedom, intangibility, and many others. Principles of the air element are directly related to the traits, the characteristics and temperaments of people with air as their predominant element.

There are lists of associated principles and characteristics for each of the archetypes in my book “Chirology Manual – How to Read Hands: Chirology Palmistry Hand Reading.”

To better understand the air archetype person, we sub-classify their traits of being according to the 5 Realms.

Earth (Physical) Realm
Health wise, air archetype people are predisposed to insomnia, stress, anxiety and nervous disorders. Air governs the respiratory system; respiratory problems might plague. Their critical faculties are a thought pattern that causes stiffness of joints. Air types might pay scant attention to their physical needs and forget to eat, or they might fuss with food and keep busy with an arsenal of nutritional supplements. Air dominant people are possibly the last materialistic of the four archetypes. Family gatherings are endured rather than adored.

Water (Emotional) Realm
Air is closest to space; emotionally, this is reflected in the air person’s non-committal orientation. Their independence can swing toward emotional detachment or even alienation. Feelings are intellectualized and rationalized, or made light. They need their space and will feel hemmed in and trapped if restricted. Communication is the primary binding agent in their relationships. Many air types live alone, perhaps because intimacy threatens. Excess air is epitomized in the voyeur who watches without engaging.

Fire (Vocational) Realm
In their work lives, air archetype people need lots of variety. Media enlivens them, information technology is a natural habitat, and literature is a likely field of interest and talent. Schools and universities are home to many an archetypal air head i.e. the absent-minded professor.

Air (Mental) Realm
Alert and broadminded air archetype people dwell in the realm of intellect. The true air type is a penetrative thinker who is concerned with theory, analysis, investigation and study. Their orientation is to attempt to permeate to the essence of any matter. They aim for understanding and unbiased, impartial perspectives. Air people might become absorbed in their books or computers to the exclusion of all else. Some air people are expansive communicators, while others are more solitary in disposition.

Chi (Spiritual) Realm
Air archetype people are motivated by the quest for understanding. For this reason, they are inclined more towards concept, philosophy and ideology. They avoid dogmatic religious beliefs. Watery esoteric and spiritual realms will appeal less than structured thought; a philosophy, like Buddhism, for example, is more likely to be the focus of their spiritual inquiry.

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