Archetypes – the Fire Shaped Hand

When measuring the fire shaped hand, we find that the palm is oblong, that is, it is longer than it is wide. The fingers are short i.e. approximately 2cm shorter than the length of the palm.

Scientific principles of fire include energy, force, heat, initiative, intensity and radiation. Characteristics of people who have fire as their predominant archetype are directly linked to the principles; they are energetic, motivated, influential, dynamic, vigorous, creative, passionate, etc.


In my book “Chirology Manual – How to Read Hands: Chirology Palmistry Hand Reading”, I’ve presented comprehensive lists of associated principles, positive and negative characteristics, likes, dislikes, optimal work environments and colloquialisms for each of the archetypes.

To better understand the fire archetype, we sub-classify their traits of being according to the 5 Realms; physical (earth), emotional (water), vocational (fire), mental (air) and spiritual (chi).

Earth (Physical) Realm
In terms of health, substantial fire presents as strength. The person’s constitution is generally robust, their metabolism vigorous. However, they may be susceptible to hypertension, high blood pressure and stress related ailments. Inflammatory conditions, such as fevers which come and go rapidly, are governed by fire. Food preferences might include fast foods and spicy foods; their digestive system can handle anything. Unless here is an end-goal, such as a deal, acquisition or sexual gain, long, drawn out meals could bore them. The fire archetype’s attitudes towards money tends to be expansive.

Water (Emotional) Realm
Impatient with more subjectively emotional types, fire archetype people like to be done with the past and move on. They prefer dynamic partnerships with shared activities and passionate sex; spontaneity is an important criterion for their relationships. Commitment may not come that easily. Shadow traits could be their battles to manage consuming jealousies and destructive cruelty towards themselves and others.

Fire (Vocational) Realm
Classic fire archetype people are ambitious, self-motivated and enterprising. These are the powerful and innovative leaders in visible positions; we find them in sport, politics, the military, and in the financial and corporate world. At worst they are ego-centered and dictatorial. Rampant fire shows up as fast living, fast cars, drugs, alcohol, gambling and indiscriminate sexual acting out. Fire types keep busy, love stimulation and are inclined to ‘burn the candle at both ends’. Creative artists who are influential in effecting progress and change are also expressing fire energy.

Air (Mental) Realm
Fire is active energy, expressing itself as restless and enthusiastic. Mentally, fire types loathe waffling and long stories; they are stimulated by direct, upfront communication. Just as fire shoots its flames assertively heavenwards, fire types seek peak experiences; this applies in their mental realm, in that boredom is a mere thought away.

Chi (Spiritual) Realm
Fire in the psyche up-levels practicality, therefore on a religious and spiritual level, the fire archetype person might have no religious or spiritual orientation at all. At the polarity, another way fire plays out is in intense passion; extreme fire shows up as a fervent war in the name of religion type religious belief. Fire people exude an energy that can attract and transform the lives of others; these people may engage vigorously with purpose-driven coaching style self-development systems.

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