Chirology and Life Purpose – A Case Study

In preparation for our Zoom meetup, a 48-year-old client sent me photos of his hands. 

I soon saw that he’s a born coach.

That when training, teaching and mentoring, he’s in his zone of genius.  


hand showing life purpose

But Massive Stress Was Showing. 

I could also see that he was in a career crisis, and at a relationship crossroad.

I said “You’re a born coach! But you’re so unhappy currently. What’s going on?”

He said “I’m losing my business, I’m in liquidation for the 2nd time!! My wife is angry and says she doesn’t trust me. I have kids to support.
I’m feeling broken, drinking too much, dazed, confused, unable to function. I don’t know where to from here.” 

What a lemon. Can I support him towards a sweeter future? 

Then: “Strange that you picked up coaching as I’ve done several coaching courses over the years.”


Reading Life Purpose in His Hands:     

Earth/fire-shaped hands with firm, full Venus mounts – dependability, stamina.

·      Clear air (head) lines – intelligence; mental energy. 

·      Earth (life) lines which sweep widely – generosity of spirit.

·      Straight water (index) fingers on firm Jupiter mounts – leadership. 

·      Full Sun Mounts – likes an audience, creative concepts.

·      Moon mounts are full but firm – kindness.

·      Earth (middle) and fire fingers held closely – the teacher.

    Long earth fingers – sobriety, sincerity

·      “Lines of Insight” on tips of air (baby) fingers – vertical lines here stand for mass communication and flair for public speaking. 

·     Tips of air (baby) fingers curve slightly inwards – a warning here: to resist the temptation to manipulate communication channels for vested interests. Simply put – (and we unpacked this with ruthless honesty) – no more lies, white or other.

·      A radial loop on his right water finger – accommodating, hospitable, sensitive. 

·      Large thumbs – with tips that bend slightly – determination and flexibility.


OK, we now have the raw materials for the crafting of an optimal future for him.

But what can he make with the left-overs?


Well, he has a ton of business experience. He’s learned, albeit the hard way, about being too trusting, and about boundaries. 

He has a wealth of advice for other entrepreneurs who are encountering similar stumbling blocks. 

He has a story to tell. About the causes of his business failures, and how things went so pear-shaped.

About how he lied to his wife, not because he’s deceitful, but because he felt ashamed. 


Also, Covid hit him hard; this is not just about his personal misjudgments. He’s one of many in similar predicaments. 


He listened, cried, then felt comforted.


Two Weeks Later 

In the 2nd reading, he was energetic; motivated, alcohol free, exercising, hell-bent on re-inventing himself. We discussed how in life things happen for us and not to us, and that the opportunity in this crisis is that he could thrive in ways he’d not previously known were possible. 


A month later, he was hurting, deep in litigation, exhausted and scared. But he’d looked into becoming an accredited coach, and was visioning and mind-mapping his future trajectory in every spare moment. 


OK, it’s no overnight sensation, but the reading helped him to grovel out of paralyzing humiliation and to take pro-active steps towards a potential income source. 


What is Your Life Purpose? 

Are you pushed by pain and pulled by possibility, but unable to see your way ahead?

Your hands’ features can help you to attain clarity about what your unique gifts are. 

Let me help you to lean into sustained passion and purpose for the long haul.  

 If you’re struggling to find your life purpose, my readings will equip and support you on every level.

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