Discipline and Action in Hands

When we’re so enjoying what we’re thinking and doing that we seem to transcend space/time, we are in ‘the zone’. But can our inspired concepts and hobbies, whether in the realms of the arts, the sciences, economics and business or any other field, be harnessed by consistent discipline? Are our ideas likely to flower into successful fruition, or will they remain forever in the realm of thought?

After first conceptualizing our ideas, what signs might there be in our hands that indicate that we have the energy to execute sustained outward bound action? 


One of the strongest features that indicates discipline in hands is a set of  straight thumbs (like Oprah’s). 

Thumbs are the ‘rulers of the hands’. They represent determination and will. Every thumb is a conglomerate of at least ten features; one characteristic will modify another. The relative strengths or weaknesses of thumbs can impair or endorse the likelihood of the person realizing their potential. 

Hand readers read three essential traits of being in the forms of thumbs. 

•          I want – the extent of desire is evidenced in the ball.

•          I can – the quality of logic and reasoning capacity is represented by the first phalange.

•          I will – the measure of will and volition is determined by the forms and markings of the thumb tip. 

Straight thumbs (which don’t bend backwards at their tips) “encourage self-mastery”. This feature in a set of hands signals an uncompromising, unbending determination.


Whorl dermatoglyphics on thumbs also add to self discipline; this marker also suggests the ability to command others. especially if the thumbs are also wide-set and have large tips. 

Whorls on index fingers are another sign of a potential leader; the owner will need to be their own boss. Whorls generally aspect that owners will not tolerate outside intervention in their affairs. They like to determine their own life path.


An ambition line is one long, clearly etched ‘rising’ line that rises upward from an earth (life) line and runs towards and into a Jupiter mount, which is the pad of flesh under the base of the index finger.


Large Jupiter mounts represent leadership ability. The strength of Jupiter mounts and their fingers above relate directly to qualities of ambition and personal authority. The reach of the line towards Jupiter’s capacity for greater possibilities signals that efforts are being made. The person aspires to betterment and elevation of circumstances. 


Another indication of a person with a work ethic who gets things done are well etched full length minor earth (fate) lines, which are the vertical lines that run up the middle of the palms. Owners will honour their responsibilities. Long, clear minor earth lines suggest the ability to commit and to abide by a chosen course of action. Clear minor earth lines in people with firm, fire-shaped hands with oblong palms and short fingers, firm and dry skin texture, well-formed air (head) lines, squarish fingertips and long middle level phalanges confirm the person’s systematic, organised abilities.


Middle level finger phalanges represent our practical, executive and administrative ‘world’; when long and full we hand readers are assured of the owner’s administrative abilities.  


Fire-shaped hands with firm skin show practical, energetic traits. Distinctly etched air lines that have few if any markings such as islands, bars, tassels or spikiness always improve the likelihood of the person being self-reliant, as well as clear in their thinking. 


Fingertip shapes reveal how the transmission of the qualities of energy available within the identity of that finger are finally expressed in the world. Squarish fingertips relate to administrative orientations. Fire (spatulate) shaped fingertips also suggest enterpriseand initiative. Providing the hands are firm, this feature reveals creative innovation; but with soft large hands the person will be dispersed and lacking in focused energy. 


Large soft hands can signal laziness. Interestingly, people with small hands can do things on a big scale, they see the bigger picture and often make good managers.

Complete absence of ambition lines rising from life lines doesn’t mean that the person can’t or isn’t making efforts to succeed in life, but ambition lines give hand readers visible confirmation of motivation in the person.


Charisma loops are dermatoglyphic patterns which lie between our middle and index fingers, these glyphs are relatively seldom found. Because palmistic legend holds that only those descended from kings have this feature, the patterns are said to show leadership abilities. 


Serious intent loops are glyphs which drop into the palms from between our middle and ring fingers. These useful to have glyphs evidence a strong work ethic, a sense of purpose and a distaste for procrastination. These markers  signal a principled person who uses their time productively; they want to do something meaningful with their life and don’t like to procrastinate. 


In my opinion, the presence of straight lower minor water lines (the via Lascivia in traditional palmistry) are a strong indication of dedication and commitment in their owner. This marker relates to addiction, but not all people with lower minor water lines are addicts, instead they have a capacity for focused commitment to what wants to be done.  


Deep and clear earth (life) lines, especially when accompanied on their insides by fire (Mars) lines, reveal added vitality and energy. 


Those with one or two Simian lines, which are joined water (heart) and air (head) lines, have intense mental focus & good research ability. Owners have great potential for tenacity of purpose. 


These are some of the energy affirming features we look for. In readings, I also unpack the hand features that suggest self-sabotaging resistances, idealism and other inhibiting factors.  


Destiny is a child of action. May your inspired ideas meet with your intention, discipline and excellence!

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