Counselling – Holding Hands – Sexual Stirrings.

Have you ever experienced an ever-so-degrading attempt at seduction from an unscrupulous hand reader? These creeps damage the authenticity of our craft.

While having their hands held and their eyes looked into during readings, people open to the person who is listening so generously to their story, and who is offering understanding and emotional support. This is very intimate!

Hand readers, even if they feel attraction, must maintain impeccable sexual boundaries, because no surprise – clients will sometimes become sexually attracted to their reader (therapist/doctor).

A few words of respectful, wise acknowledgement of the attraction, with immediate, skilful guiding of the conversation back to the real reason for the person wanting the consultation, will up-level trust and professionalism.

Some clients are insistently seductive, which can be very distracting and draining, but readers should try to keep a sense of humor and move on. Generally, readers and therapists who get sexually intimate with their client/patient are abandoning the client’s and their own deeper needs.

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