Fingers – Bent Earth (Saturn/middle)

Perhaps “Fingers are best worn straight”.

Watch a YouTube video about bent middle fingers.

In our 5 element system of interpreting hands, a bent finger signals disturbance in the expression of that finger’s associated element.

The optimal expression of the bent finger’s associated element is compromised. The bend indicates psychological imbalance or difficulty; it is borrowing energy from the adjacent finger and seeking support from another element.

Earth (Saturn) fingers are called fingers of Cultural Identity. Our middle fingers represent our grounding and our most formative influences. They also stand for a point of inner balance and pertain to our relationship wit discipline and responsibility.

Most commonly, they bend to the ulnar (baby finger) side. Those with this feature often share stories of exposure to double standards in childhood.  An addict parent, or one or both parents having affairs, and other dramas in the family home which caused insecurity, are likely. Experiences of the past have destabilized; the very soil that ought to root and secure the person is fissured, not firm.

In some owner’s lives, this leads to rebelliousness. For a period of their life, the person is not selective or discerning enough, and gets into detrimental situations. They find it difficulty to take to duty and are avoidant of strict rules or routines.

But earth fingers that bend over fire (Apollo/ring) fingers also activate criticism, and inhibit happiness. Earth puts out fire. Fire fingers represent self-expression, creativity and joy, but with an earth finger casting its’ shadow, happiness is made guilty by duty. This feature adds to a depressive, even melancholic trend. Fun, freedom and playtime are stalked by anxiety, the owner is constantly pressurized by perceived demands and duties. There is a viciously self-critical inner voice that says “I don’t deserve to feel light, or happy.”

As they age, their early rebelliousness converts to conscientious accountability!

Owners of this feature are more introspective and introverted than they are extroverted. They like and need alone time. In classical palmistry, it is believed (especially if the top phalange only bends to the fire finger) that this is the marker of a scribe, whose writings will be published.

In the 5 element system of hand interpretation, the earth element governs digestion, suggesting the potential for digestive weakness in the bearer of this feature.

Very rarely, earth fingers might curve radially towards water (index) fingers, perhaps suggesting more need in the person for the company of others.

* Bent fingers can also be inherited.

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