Lines – Minor Earth (Fate/Saturn) Lines (Part # 2) – Missing

Minor earth (fate/Saturn/career/destiny) lines run from several possible starting points up our hands towards middle fingers. But from time to time a client visits for a reading who has completely missing minor earth/fate/Saturn/career lines. What might the significance of the absence of these lines be?

As secondary earth lines, minor earth lines relate to our internal stability and how we balance our subjective needs with life’s external duties and obligations. They represent our life’s work and how we deal with responsibility and the demands of society.

The shape of the person’s hands has relevance for the initial assessment and interpretation. Earth shaped hands with square palms and short fingers belong to people who have an innate sense of internal balance, so absence of minor earth lines on earth shaped hands, for example in the hands of a rural farmer who is grounded in his identity and who has instinctive rapport with his life’s purpose, has no negative indications.

Absence of these lines in a set of hands with any other of the four basic hand shapes, i.e. water, fire or air, immediately directs our conversation straight to one of the most common counselling and coaching themes in my hand reading practice – that of vocation and life purpose.

For without minor earth lines, the chances are that the person is adrift, without direction or compass; they are out of gas, so to speak. Missing or extremely faint minor earth lines suggest an absence in the owner of any inspired personal identity. Perhaps they feel at the mercy of circumstances. The psychological implication of missing minor earth lines points to a deficit of internal security in a person who may have rejected conventional values. They quite likely struggle with societal demands, perhaps with little or no sense of belonging.

While the bearers of this feature may have many ideas, without earth (Saturn’s) influence of accountability and the capacity to sustain discipline they could suffer much confusion, with lack of drive and follow through, resulting in an unstable career path with too many challenging job changes. Their lack of direction, conviction and sense of purpose renders an insecurity about their role in world.

When codified, there are many other forms and markings in our hands that can help identify and deepen understanding of skills, talents, callings and working environments that the client might be best suited to.

In readings, together we explore the big topic of what exactly is life purpose? We would attend to the question of the extent to which they drifting, to feelings of not fitting in, to what it is they feel best describes their personal identity, to who are they in the world. We do a deep investigation into the sources of their inhibitions and resistances.

Enquiry leads directly to “what is in the person’s “sacred bundle’?” What ingredients as seen on other hand features might they mix together to choose or create an optimally fulfilling vocation?

Then we attend to the process of working towards even a 1% tipping point criteria, to help them to hear the whisper of the inner “yes” to an enoughness, that when heeded, is what makes for a committed vocational alignment.

Entirely missing me lines are fairy rare. Invite you to look at your hands to see if you have them and if you suspect or know that you don’t, please feel free to send me photographs.

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