Luck Series # 3 – The Mark of the Fish

“The harder you work, the luckier you are.”  Gary Player – famous South African golfer.

What is luck?

Do you believe in luck? Why do some people consider themselves as lucky while others feel unlucky? Some say that luck is a genuine feature of existence. Others say that no-one has luck. One thing is clear – ‘luck’ is about perspective. For example, after an accident, when we “are lucky to be alive”. But some people really do seem to be very lucky, or very unlucky.

Continuing in my questing and questioning as to whether there is such a thing as “luck” in people’s hands, today we’ll look into another marker that in traditional palmistry, is considered to be “lucky” for the bearer.

The symbol in palms that is called “The Mark of the Fish” is said to show the researcher, the person who seeks avenues of furtherance. With its association to ‘seeking furtherance’, the fish is a positive marker for financial success.

For the fish to be an auspicious and positive marker for wealth, the mouth should ideally be in an upward direction, pointed to a finger. A large fish on a Jupiter or Sun/Apollo mount is its most potent position.

Fish symbols on the ulnar (baby finger side) of your hands show that you are have a scholarly and research orientation. The association to ‘seeking furtherance’ suggests that a fish anywhere in your palm is a positive marker for financial and other successes in life.

In the image above, we see two fish alongside each other, on the Moon mount.

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