Luck Series #2 – The Great and Little Triangles

Also called the Triangle of Good Fortune, the Great Triangle in palmistry is considered to be sign of a strong constitution, success and luck. It is an indicator of health, peace, harmony, mental acuity and good fortune.

This marker is formed by the earth (life), air (head) and minor air (health/hepatica) lines. The earth and air lines must be joined at their start. The quality of the lines which form the boundary of the triangles are key to their strength.

The bigger, stronger and clearer the triangle, the more mental vigor, creativity, and in turn, luck, can be expected. In Indian palmistry, when this triangle is formed with strong and unbroken lines, it is a sign of an ability to make, manage and save money.

The Little Triangle is within the Great Triangle.                                                                                                                                           

The Great Triangle – encloses the Plain of Mars (hollow of hand). Formed by the air, earth and minor air (health/hepatica) lines.

Believed to be a symbol of the holy trinity, bestowing a protective function and psychic ability.

The Little Triangle – Is established by the presence of a clearly defined minor earth (fate) line which bisects the Great Triangle to separate a sub-triangle of approximately half the size. Aspects intellect and learning capacity.

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