Luck Series # 5 – Sun Mounts and Markings

When it comes to signs of luck in our hands, single lines, stars and triangles on the Sun mount rank as being indicators of success and happiness in life. Our shining Sun, sustainer of life, is represented in palmistry by fire (ring) fingers, and in their underlying pads of flesh. Fire fingers, and the mounds at their roots, are named after Apollo, the Sun god.

As capacitors of potential energy, Sun mounts relate to flair, personal style, self-expression and talent, especially in the creative arts. Single vertical lines, triangles and stars on Sun mounts support the likelihood of the owner enjoying the rewards of financial security in old age, along with fulfilled contentment and satisfaction with what they have achieved.

Single, clear-cut, deep and straight vertical lines etched above heart lines on Sun mounts are fire-governed energy channels for creativity. These minor fire, or Sun lines, (“lines of capability” – W. Benham) are auspicious palmar markings for luck. This positive marker suggests super-charged potential for accomplishing great achievement. Owners are likely to have optimistic, outgoing, attractively warm-hearted and generous traits. People with deep and clear sun lines exude warmth and friendliness, resulting their being well-liked. Depending on other palmar features, they are potentially spontaneous, versatile and innovative. Not only will they bring their creativity to life, but they will also achieve recognition, wealth and success. This feature can also strongly indicate the likelihood of inheritance.

Conceivably, stars on Sun mounts will combust in the owner the fiery energies of the mount and of the emerging well-formed finger above. With this sign of creative brilliance in their hands, people with stars under their ring fingers are also believed to be gifted, perhaps destined for visibility, celebrity status and the spotlight. In all likelihood, fortune will smile upon them. A lucky gambler may have Sun mount stars and long fire fingers with whorl finger print glyphs.

Little triangles on Sun mounts suggest constructive, practical creativity. This marking can signal architectural flair. Owners have unique skills and talents and are lovers of art and beauty.

It must be noted that owners of these markings who are publicly visible also have a need for privacy and alone time. Significantly, theirs is a longing for inner stillness and spiritual rest.

Some say more luck, some say less, but 3 vertical lines, or the rarely found ‘trident’, which is a line that forks into 3 under ring fingers, also relate to potential in the luck department. It might be that wealth, recognition and distinction are aspected in the trident, but in the 5 element chirology system, 3 vertical lines on Sun mounts are considered to be dispersive rather than focused, suggesting that owners are inclined to scatter their energies.

It is said that people with no significantly recognised name, fame or amount of money, will not have these signs in their hands. They may have creative talents but they have to work harder at living.

There remains the question “is there such a thing as luck?” Many events that influence our lives are seemingly beyond our control. Things happen by chance, and not as a result of our own efforts. The concept of “luck” is defined as “a purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favourably or unfavourably for an individual, group or cause.”

Circumstances seem to operate for or against us, but research proves that believing in luck as being a force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you, will attract a net gain for fortunes, and vice versa.

Belief in luck is self-reinforcing, while believing in bad luck, and expecting the worst, ensures that “existence will go looking for the match”, and exactly as you have ordered, you will attract bad luck. Consider that belief in bad luck is a self-abandoning positionality, as research shows that “lucky” people are more relaxed and open, while “unlucky” people are generally more tense and anxious.

“Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.” Richard Wiseman.

Lastly, to increase your luck, cultivate gratitude. Social scientists who study gratitude have found that gratitude produces a remarkable array of physical, psychological, and social changes.

“Gratitude, in particular, is a currency we can spend freely without fear of bankruptcy.” Robert H Frank.

Please Note: The counselling and coaching system of 5 element chirology is not a predictive hand reading system. Predictions are deemed unethical. Based on these above-mentioned markings in a set of hands, I as a reader would encourage the person’s optimism and positivity, but would not predict any definite “lucky” outcome.

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