Signs of Creative Inspiration in Hands

Our receiving an imaginative, inspired idea from existence, one that offers food for thought or deed, is surely one of life’s most divine God-given pleasures.

Several palmar markings reveal a heightened creative imagination in a person. Moon mounts that bulge outward on the sides of the hands are called ‘curves of creativity’. These fleshy protuberances represent a source of potential in a person who may feel despair if they don’t ‘give voice to their soul’ through creative endeavour.  Innovative people often have full, rounded and fleshy curves of creativity.

Glyph patterns on Moon mounts always reveal a creative inner life. Moon mounts store imagination, emotion and intuition, and represent the nurturing mother. Memory loops are tear drop shaped loops flowing in from the radial side of the hand and pooling on the Moon mount. Effectively, the loop’s water pours more water into the already watery mount. The glyph’s name refers to our deeper, more occluded memories which lie within the collective unconscious. Awareness of non-material realms activates in memory loop owners, who are probably highly imaginative and artistically gifted.

Style loops lie diagonally over Sun mounts underneath fire (ring) fingers. Occasionally they are accompanied by an adjacent humour loop. Sun mounts are associated with energy, talent and brilliance. The watery loop’s presence on the fiery Sun mount makes for a steaming sizzle that activates inspiration, imagination and creative flair in the owner. Style loops might motivate for something unique in the owner’s personal style of dress. They care about their appearance and like to feel good about themselves. Style loops aspect admiration in the person of elegance and all things stylish; color matters to them in their lives, in their homes, their clothes and even in the choice of which colour flowers to grow or purchase. Many gifted designers, people in the interior and décor industries and people with a developed appreciation of beauty have style loops.

Whorls on a fire (ring) fingers are ‘the classic sign of the artist’. The influence of an air governed whorl added to a fire finger is that of expansion. Fire breathes air, which nourishes and stimulates it, and fire principles of intensity, energy, creativity and illumination are activated in the person. Those with whorls on their fire fingers are talented; they perceive the unusual and the different. Their colour sense is potentially highly developed, and they dress themselves with distinctively individualistic personal style. Their home decor will be original, as they are attuned aesthetically.

Peacock’s eye glyphs on fingertips (illustrated) also show flair, design sense and colour awareness. People who have this exquisite glyph pattern imprinted on a finger have deep, feeling responses of fascination and inspiration. Theirs is the gift of insight; they experience visual and conceptual imagery that could enable them to look, with eyes of wonder, at life. Bearers of this marking find their place in the fields of decorative or fine art or design.

Upper minor water lines (‘girdles of Venus’) are lines that run above the main water (heart) line under the fingers. Clearly formed show the person is imaginative, but with a poorly formed air (head) line they could be living in a dream world. People who are into science fiction, fantasy and special effects often have this talent marker which is an asset for writers and poets and for anyone doing work requiring creative visualization. Often found on the hands of highly creative people, girdles mark the sensitive idealist who adores beauty.

Then there is the ‘writer’s fork’, which looks like a snake’s tongue at the end of an air (head) line, another signal of a person who ‘thinks out the box’. This wonderful marking of versatility reveals potential in the person for effective creative expression through writing. People with writer’s forks are mentally astute with the ability to see things from different perspectives. Judicial traits are enhanced by this marker as owners are able to consider all possibilities. They see the funny side of things and might be witty, with a sardonic sense of humor or sarcastic tongue.

Music loops are large loops which open at the base of the thumb to flow in over the Venus mounts. Occasionally they enter more from the radial edge of the hand. They are often accompanied by a bee glyph. Music loops also have other names such as the ‘response loop’, the ‘absorption loop’ and the ‘rhythm loop’. This glyph associates with musical giftedness.

And as a side note, the saying ‘I don’t know where that (idea) came from, I just “sucked it out of my thumb”’ makes perfect sense in chirological terms. In chirology’s 5 element interpretive system we ascribe thumbs with governance of aether, the God principle and the I Am; thumbs stand for consciousness and for our ‘spiritual identity’. The concept of sucking from them means you are drinking, imbibing from spirit, being soothed by and receiving nourishment and inspiration from the creative, vital, God principle.

Children who suck their thumbs are, from a 5 element chirological perspective, receiving spiritual comfort and sustenance from spirit.

Discipline and Action in Hands
After imagining our ideas, what signs might there be on our hands that help us to execute an outward bound, creatively inspired flow?

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