Pentagrams in Palms

 Hand readers who look at lines through a right-brained, divergent lens of perception might very rarely detect the alluring manifestation of a 5 pointed pentagram pattern lying within the lines. In looking at this pattern, intuitively orientated readers may feel invited to ascribe and to discuss possible meanings for the esoteric symbol in the person’s hand.

The symbol of a 5 pointed star represents the 5 elements, meaning that the owner of this palmar feature potentially enjoys a deep intimacy with God consciousness, and an affinity with nature and with the natural elements earth, water, fire and air.

Traditionally, a pentagram in a palm is a sign of a spiritual initiate. Pentagram symbols in right hands of right-handed people are said to signify spirituality, healing knowledge, and service to others. In another dimension, it is conceivable that the person is an advanced psychic, who is an adept in mystical schools of study.

A bit of research reveals that negative meanings are ascribed to pentagrams on left hand palms, especially if one point faces downwards, like Satan’s emblem, which suggests that in another life, the owner is a sorcerer-type, who messes with people’s energies.

But one point upwards in a left palm might aspect a natural Merlin who uses his magical skills in positive ways. Depending as always on all other hand features, the person might function with crystal clarity, and be proficient in harnessing and governing their emotions.

A pentagram in a palm might alert a reader to finances being a key theme for the client.