Archetypes – the Earth Shaped Hand

Learning the characteristics of the basic hand shape archetypes is one of the first steps towards becoming proficient in the craft. When measuring the squarish look of the earth shaped hand, we find that the palm is square, and that the middle, longest finger is approximately 2cm’s shorter than the length of the palm.

Characteristics of people who have earth as their predominant archetype are directly related to scientific earth principles. Earth in nature is heavy, enduring, stable, fixed, dependable, steady, supportive, dense, quiet, and so on. You’ll find comprehensive lists of associated principles and characteristics for each of the archetypes in my book “Chirology Manual – How to Read Hands: Chirology Palmistry Hand Reading.”

To deepen our understanding of the earth archetype person, we sub-classify the areas of life according to the 5 Realms; physical (earth), emotional (water), vocational (fire), mental (air) and spiritual (chi). 

Earth (Physical) Realm
Earthy people are seldom ill. They have strong physiques and constitutions. But because they internalize emotions, they might be susceptible to digestive disorders. They eat routinely, of the meat and potato fare. Loyalties lie with their families, communities and country. Their fundamental happiness relies on their providing material security for their loved ones.

Water (Emotional) Realm
Earth types have innate honor and integrity and are happiest in enduring, traditional relationships. Domestic harmony fundamental for their well-being. Just as earth does not move of its own accord, earth types resist upheavals. Divorce dismays. Emotionally, they exude a calm, unruffled, unstressed, un-neurotic practicality while tending to bury their deepest feelings. Self-inquiry is avoided. Earthiness in hands ensures a sensual lover with reliable sexual responses.

Fire (Vocational) Realm
Earth types play an important societal role in maintaining stability and structure. They dislike taking risks, preferring secure, longstanding positions. While earthy types are patient and hardworking, they may lack imagination and initiative. Many earth types enjoy working with their hands and make good artisans, craftsmen and chefs. Suitable careers for them include farming, food and catering, building, civil service and government.

Air (Mental) Realm
Earthy types avoid analysis, intellectualizing and investigation. Discussions are about matters practical. In social situations, they are often rather quiet and uncommunicative. Suspicious of the new, their negative mental traits could include stubborn inflexibility and prejudice.

 Chi (Spiritual) Realm
Innately wise and humble, earthy people are able to Be, and to accept what is. They are naturally appreciative of life’s more important values. If they do align themselves with a religious belief, they are inclined towards upholding the traditions of their lineage.

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