Counseling and Coaching with Chirology – Communication Styles

On optimizing communication. Useful for all counselors, parents, bosses etc.


In palm reading with chirology, based on the four archetypes earth, water, fire and air, we have four differing dialogue styles of how to best to deepen rapport with our clients. As dialogue therapists, our style of delivery can be beautifully refined with deepening our understanding of the elemental style and pace with which to convey our findings.

Earth hand shapes are easy to identify. The palms are square and the fingers are short. Earthy people are slower to absorb and assimilate new ideas. To deepen rapport with people with many earth governed markers in their hands, speak slowly, simply and methodically. To help them to open, connect with and share their core (often buried) feelings, use structured explanations, and give them time to ruminate, deliberate, understand and integrate what it is you are sharing. Offer reassurance. Be honest, kind, gentle and authentic.

People with water shaped hands are more subjective than their earthy or fiery counterparts. When counseling and coaching a person with long, slender hands with oblong palms and long fingers, don’t be overbearing. Avoid anything loud, harsh or coarse. Be very personal, emphasize your understanding of their subjectivity, and affirm their sensitive interface with life. People with receptive water (feeling) dominant temperaments respond to intimate emotional support; they’ll feel assaulted by a barrage of analytical theory (suited more to the air type) or hard, fast and cutting edge sentences (suited more to the fire type).

Many fire governed features in hands show a person whose mind is preoccupied with objective and rational thought. They are logical and will appreciate cognitive facts and practical advice. Fire shaped hands have oblong palms and short fingers in relation to the length of the palms. Fire skin texture is roughish; you can feel the skin ridges, and the hands are usually dry to the touch. To gain rapport with and keep the attention of someone with fire dominant energy, especially if their air (head) lines are also short and straight, don’t waffle on with stories about your own or other people’s experiences. Your observations and insights are optimally conveyed when you are direct and to the point.

Dominant air influence in a set of hands aspects a quick-minded and curious person who is motivated by understanding. They are analytical; they dwell in and find their security in the mental realm. Air shaped hands with square palms and long fingers, smooth dry skin and long air (head) lines alert chirologists to their owner having an investigative interest in why things are the way that they are. To gain rapport with someone with many air features, it is recommended that hand readers develop their vocabulary. Be the talkative communicator who is sophisticated in articulation. The person is conceptual and interested in impartial truth.











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