Archetypes – the Water Shaped Hand

Learning the characteristics of the basic hand shape archetypes is one of the first steps towards becoming proficient in the craft of hand reading.

We measure the slender water shaped hand, and find that the palm is oblong, and that the fingers are long i.e. they are approximately 1 – 1.5 cm’s shorter than the length of the palm. *

Characteristics of people with water as their predominant archetype relate directly to the behavior of water in nature. Principles of softness, adaptability, sensitivity, cohesion and receptivity are a few examples.

Water archetype people are charming, empathic and accommodating. But less redeemed personality traits are also possible, such as their being manipulative, or discontent in excessive idealism. Perhaps they are moody, or take things too personally.

There are comprehensive lists of associated principles and characteristics for each of the archetypes in my book “Chirology Manual – How to Read Hands: Chirology Palmistry Hand Reading.”

To better understand the water archetype, we sub-classify according to the 5 Realms; physical (earth), emotional (water), vocational (fire), mental (air) and spiritual (chi).

Earth (Physical) Realm
In terms of health, water types are susceptible to allergies, water retention, bladder weakness and skin ailments. While they enjoy exotic foods, they fare best eating fruits and vegetables. With ‘cohesion’ being such a strong water principle, we understand why it is that water types love to feel connected while sharing their meals with friends. Emphasis is on maintaining elegance and style.

Water (Emotional) Realm
Just as water must have an earthy structure to contain it, so water types need physical and emotional holding from their family and friends. People, romantic relationships and companionships, and close involvements with friends are important to them. Discord distresses the water type; they enjoy harmonious environments. Before opening to intimacy and sharing, they need emotional closeness. Water people are sensitive, receptive and empathic; they have genuine sentiments, but may be insecure, needy, clingy and possessive.

Fire (Vocational) Realm
Water types are good at connecting people, they are networkers. For this reason, they might be excellent in public relations, human resources, and events. Fundraising and other charitable endeavors might appeal. Many water types work in healing and service professions. With their imaginative flair and emotional response to the poetic and beautiful, you’ll find many water types in the arts and design fields.

Air (Mental) Realm
Water types are feeling-based and therefore, unless their hands are firm, are unlikely candidates for the pressures of academic application. Communication might be oriented to the deep concern for the suffering of others, or visioning that which beautifies, uplifts, enlightens and relieves. Water people enjoy intimacy; they discuss personal matters.

Chi (Spiritual) Realm
Spiritual rather than religious water types are highly sensitive, intuitive or even psychic.  They would be drawn towards the esoteric, mystical and metaphysical realms.

* Finding a set of hands with fingers that are as long as or longer than the length of the palms would be highly unlikely.

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