Fingers – Extra Creases on Phalanges

Curiously, an extra interphalangeal crease runs across a phalange of one or more fingers of some people’s hands. While there remain three bones, it almost looks like there are four, instead of three phalanges.

We question: In the area of life represented by that finger, does the extension suggest some kind of extra skill, talent and faculty? Or do these bars/creases show blocks, restrictions and limitations in thought and function? Hand readers themselves are debating what these creases, which add an extra compartment to the finger, might signify. While some readers suggest a blockage to the qualities of the finger, others say that they add something extra. Whether the ‘extra’ faculty is not extra at all, but instead inhibits, is in the eye of the beholder, based on the rest of the palm’s features and the reader’s intuition.

If there is an extra crease on a water finger, consider themes related to the person’s personal authority in the world. When fingers have extra phalangeal creases crossing their fire level (executive world) phalanges, we enquire if the person is embattled, blocked and stuck in this area of their life, or might they be exceptionally administrative and actively strategic in practical and business matters? Extra-phalangeal creases on fire phalanges of fire fingers could highlight the ability to think laterally, or success with money.

Extra creases on air fingers are the most common, this might increase Mercurial energy. The person may be detail oriented and skilled with written and spoken communication, mathematics, science or business. Another possibility is that the person is sexually investigative, or the opposite, they are inhibited and have deep-seated doubts about their lovability.

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