Counseling and Coaching with Chirology – Air Types and their Emotions

Invisible air represents the intellect. Dominant air influence in a set of hands aspects a mercurial, quick-minded and curious person who is motivated by understanding. They are analytical; they dwell in and find their security in the mental realm.

In palm reading, it is the air hand shape, comprising square palms and long fingers, that will alert a chirologist to the owner having an investigative interest in why things are the way that they are. Smooth, dry skin texture (as opposed to moist or rough skin) is another air element feature that reveals air governed orientations in the person. Their mind engages best with theory, research and careful evaluation; they might attempt to permeate to the essence of any matter.

Long air (head) lines which cross the palms from thumb to baby finger side show that that person’s subjectivity and objectivity are equally developed; they seek the minimum amount of prejudice and misinformation. Long air (head) lines are a sure sign of a thoughtful and philosophical person who thinks out the box. Many whorl dermatoglyphic patterns would further confirm an objectively investigative orientation in a person who sees a wide range of perspectives.

To gain rapport with someone with many air features, it is recommended that hand readers develop their vocabulary. Be the talkative communicator who is sophisticated in articulation. The person is conceptual and interested in impartial truth.

It is with air archetype clients that we can share something of the principles of chirology. The why and how the markers show meanings in their hands will be of interest to them. Air types have personal viewpoints and could be given to interrupting you as a reader to get their opinion across.

Air, our fastest and most pervasive element, is ineffable, indefinable and weightless. Air has no tangible source, yet it actively permeates everything.

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