Counseling and Coaching with Chirology – Fiery Types and their Emotions

To gain rapport with and keep the attention of someone with fire shaped hands, and most especially if their air (head) lines are also short and straight, speak clearly and precisely. Fire energy in hands shows a quick thinker, a person whose mind is preoccupied with objective and rational thought. They are logical and will appreciate cognitive facts and practical advice.

Fire dominant people respond best to concepts that are presented clearly and systematically. They may tend towards challenging the reader argumentatively, with forceful expression. Be organized and define your points sharply and specifically.  When counseling and coaching with chirology, punctuate your sentences expressively, and do not speak too slowly.


Since each feature of the hands is ascribed a governing element, hand readers can easily ascertain the element style of communication that their client best grasps and the ways in which they naturally respond to our observations.

We look to first to the shape of their hands and the texture of their palmar skin.  Fire shaped hand have oblong palms and short fingers in relation to the length of the palms. Fire skin texture is roughish; you can feel the skin ridges, and the hands are usually dry to the touch.

A stiff consistency to the hands adds more fire; flexibility is a water governed feature and stiffness of the hands signals a more fiery than watery temperament. The overview of all other features of their hands helps us to optimally adapt our communication style.

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