Counseling and Coaching with Chirology – Earthy Types and their Emotions

Chirology’s system of interpreting hands is called the ‘language of the elements’. In this context, it is the water element that is the overall regulator of our emotions. Individual emotions are then further sub-classified; each has an element with which it most resonates. Sadness, depression and grief, for example, are water governed, anger is driven by fire, while the colder and more detached emotions such as hatred and contempt categorize as being air ruled.

Earthy type people are mostly calm and even-tempered. They exude an unruffled, tolerant, unstressed and un-neurotic practicality. But when working with clients who present with many earth governed markers in their hands, it is helpful to consider the behavior of earth in nature. Earth is the only element that doesn’t move unless it is moved. Mapping this significant characteristic of earth in nature onto the earthy person, it is easily apparent that the person is not a fan of being ‘excavated’. There is a likelihood that the owner has buried their emotions.

Square palms with short fingers belong to the archetypal earth person. Palms that are relatively free of lines, fingertips with many arch fingerprint patterns and bitten nails are just some of chirology’s earth governed hand markers.

The squarish look of the earth shaped hand shows a practical person for whom self-analysis is not a natural default. Intellectualizing and self-inquiry are likely avoided. ‘Empty’ hands with few lines shows less psychological complexity, but a deeply private inner stress, that they themselves may not realize they have, is possible; emotions may be blocked and hidden. The earthy density of the arch fingerprint glyph pattern suggests a certain caution and a reserve.

Nail biting shows stress, worry, things feeling out of control, and a reluctance to grow or to face the truth about certain issues. If we think of nails as being like claws, preventing their growth by biting them also aspects suppressed anger.

If you are a hand reader who seeks to gain rapport with someone with many earthy features in their hands, you are advised to explain these concepts and principles to them. Because earthy people are slower to absorb and assimilate new ideas, speak slowly, simply and methodically. To help them to open, connect with and share their core feelings, use structured explanations, and give them time to ruminate, deliberate, understand and integrate what it is you are sharing. Offer reassurance. Be honest, kind, gentle and authentic.

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