Counseling and Coaching with Chirology – Water Types and their Emotions

The elements earth, water, fire and air each have their own unique energy signatures and principles. Slow, dense earth has the least vibratory motion. Energy frequency increases with water, which has kinetic energy potential, has no form unless contained by earth, and is the most sensitive of the elements.


You’ll achieve optimal rapport with your clients if you map these and many other scientific principles over onto how best to communicate with them.

Provided they sense you as being safe, dependable and trustworthy, people with receptive water (feeling) dominant temperaments respond to intimate emotional support; they’ll feel assaulted by a barrage of analytical theory (suited more to the air type) or hard, fast and cutting edge sentences (suited more to the fire type).

In 5 element chirology, each feature of the hands is ascribed a governing element. For insight into the element style of communication that the person best grasps, and the ways in which they naturally respond to your observations, we look to first to the shape of their hands and the texture of their palmar skin. We take into consideration the extent of flexibility of their fingers and the general consistency of the hands. Fingerprint glyphs, nail shapes, lengths of individual fingers and the forms and flows of their lines, in other words, the overview of all the features of their hands, help us to optimally adapt our communication style.

Soft moist skin with puffy mounts (fleshy protuberances of skin) on any hand shape type shows a sensitive and emotional person with whom empathic, gentle, quiet and intimate dialogue works best. People with water shaped hands which are long and slender, with oblong palms and long fingers, are more subjective than their earthy or fiery counterparts.

Hands with fine lines, especially when the air (head) lines are also wavy in their form/flow, are more visual and imaginative than earth, fire and air types. Rather than intellectually defining their thoughts, they have impressions of the sense of an idea, or the feeling it evokes.

When counseling and coaching a water type person, don’t be overbearing. Avoid anything loud, harsh or course. Be very personal, emphasize your understanding of their subjectivity, and affirm their sensitive interface with life.

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