A Chirologist’s Guide to 8 Qualities that You Need to Succeed in Hand Reading


I love sharing my understanding of the craft of chirology. I’m highly experienced, with a lot to share.

Here are my encouraging tips for if you’re considering a career in hand reading, or would like to include chirology in your existing therapy practice.  

1.  You know in your heart and soul that you are a healer. Healing is at the heart of your unique mission. You think about chirology and feel a “YES” in your body. Something in you lightens at the thought of helping other with counseling, coaching and energy channeling.  



2.  You are willing to be a receiver and keeper of frequency. 

You can hold sacred trust, are comfortable with intimacy (into me see). You are ready to hold presence as a light bearer, an agent between realms, channel, messenger and guide, to truly be a listener and a truth speaker.


3.  You have consistent curiosity about hands.You keep noticing them. You’re keen to cultivate your powers of observation and sensing. Intuitively you notice the energies that exude from hands. 


 You’re willing to show up for people’s suffering.

You feel motivated, committed to the counseling and coaching component of the hand reader’s craft. One third of our work is about listening and verbal delivery of our findings. 


5.  You’re keen to market yourself optimally. 

You are available to be known for what you offer. Branding and marketing your practice interests you. it feels OK for you to learn the necessary tech for your website, mailing list, social media and the practical and organizational tasks required.


6.  You are willing to be wrong.

You’ll make mistakes. But in spite of your uncertainties, doubts, and imperfections, you have the emotional intelligence to transmute your vulnerability into strength. 


7.  You are highly intuitive.

Intuition is intrinsic to our craft. You have a high level of resonance with and interest in refining your intuitive perceptions even more.


8.  You study, read and watch.

Finding an out-of-print palmistry book in a 2nd hand store excites you. Learning about palmistry intrigues you. The modules in the courses I offer attract; you feel ready, willing and able to do the theoretical work.


My best joy is when my students excel beyond my capabilities. 

The craft of conscious hand reading is worthy of great global expansion. 

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