The fork occurs when the end of the air (head) line splits to fork.

Air lines begin somewhere between the base of the water (index) fingers and where thumbs protrude. They run horizontally across palms to various possible end points. Air lines associate with how we think, understand and receive information, in essence, they reflect the quality of our mental life.

Interpretation of a writer’s fork is refined by the air line’s beginning, form and flow, the length and where it ends. The may be more than one fork; that is, the branch of a forks forks. These forks are generally wonderfully positive markers of versatility.

While being traditional signs of potential for effective creative expression through writing, many people have forks but no special writing talent, many without writer’s forks are good writers.

What the fork does point to is that owners see things from different perspectives. For example, the person may have a research oriented practical left brain, along with a creatively imaginative right brain; both operating simultaneously.

Judicial traits are enhanced. They see both sides, are likely to be unbiased in opinion, consider all possibilities, and enjoy debate. In fact, this marker has also been called a lawyer’s fork.

Think too of a snake with a forked tongue; while having a forked tongue pertains to dishonesty, this would only apply if other features in the hands that signal dishonesty. But the fork does show a potentially sarcastic, biting and sharp wit.

The position in the hand, or the mount on which it resides, has significance. The mounts are governed by celestial bodies. Palmistry shares much of astrology’s mythology; there are many interconnected correspondences. We learn the symbolism associated with each mount to optimize our interpretations.

Forks that lie on Moon mounts suggest a great imagination, original creativity, unique ideas and psychic powers. Forks that lie on Mars upper/Uranus mounts (like in the featured image) add mental astuteness, shrewdness with money and talent for teaching, while from a Uranian perspective will reveal an inventive individualist who is proficient with technology.