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These articles about the ancient craft of chirology, palmistry and hand reading offer insight into what your hands might reveal.

Other Systems of Hand Reading

The diversity of our hand reading systems unite us to a common purpose, that of helping our fellow man. In this time of recalibration of our collective consciousness, we have the choice, now, to end individualism and division, to choose instead unity, and...

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Pinkies – Permutations – Part Two

Part Two Permutations As I mentioned before, it’s our littlest finger, but in hand reading it offers the biggest story. Pinkies govern communication, financial exchange, business acumen and sexuality, as well as often being key markers of a person’s sense of...

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Palmistry – Crafty ….. or Craft?

A law was passed in persecution of palmistry practitioners in England in 1530, which condemned palmists for their ‘greate subtyll and crafty meanes’ of deceiving people. I am a hand reader. I work a craft that has long been deemed crafty. Yes there are readers who...

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Systems of Hand Reading

In the same way that there are thousands of seemingly contradictory, yet effective diagnostic and healing therapies, there are several different, yet reliable approaches to how to read hands. My topic today is to present some of the more popular western hand reading...

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Thumbs – responsibility is freedom

The oxymoron ‘responsibility is freedom’ is fascinating in its truth. When I felt more grim than gay about applying my attention to this self-imposed, self-elected discipline of writing this article, I began wondering about what it is within us that composes the...

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